From The Pastors

Rev. Dennis Andrews

Welcome to Miami Shores Presbyterian Church,

When life is hard and hectic, pause long enough to remember, God Wins!

When things don’t seem to be going in the right direction, when it feels like the more you try the more difficult things get, don’t forget, God Wins!

This is the Good News of God in Christ. God Wins!

God sent his only Son to conquer sin and death. In so doing, God prevails over every challenge this world has to offer. godwins-01Some folks don’t like militaristic illustrations but the Truth is we face many battles of many kinds in this world. Some we win and some we lose, but God wins the war. And in so doing, God preserves peace and love for evermore.

Our vision at MSPC is to be friends of Christ who share God’s love with each other and the world. God wins when we have a personal relationship with Christ that enables us to not only share God’s love with each other, but also to share God’s love with the world around us.

All of our ministries at MSPC, those that exist now and those that are emerging reach for this vision. Are we fostering a relationship with Christ? Are we sharing God’s love with each other? Are we sharing God’s love with people outside the church?

Our mission at MSPC is to be a church of grace and hope where everyone Meets, Serves, and Praises Christ. You have to meet Christ to know Christ. You have to serve Christ and praise Christ to be in fellowship in the church Christ leads.

Christian fellowship at MSPC is based on five core values of ministry.

Dignity, no matter who you are, you are made in God’s image.
Confidence, no matter what you fear, you need not be afraid.
Forgiveness, no matter what you’ve done, you are forgiven.
Peace, no matter how frenzied your life may be, you can rise above the chaos.
Fulfillment, whatever your situation, your true potential is in Christ.

This is the Good News of God in Christ. God Wins!

Come join us at MSPC!



Pastor Dennis


Rev. Kim Robles