Are you ready to read and share thoughts and feelings and learn to be a better Christian all at the same time? Starting over the two-week period of September 19th to October 2nd, we will begin our small group sessions on the book of kindness! These groups will meet two times a month, for approximately one hour, to cover one chapter in the book and build relationships with each other. You can pick which day of the week and time will work for you, we tried to set up a variety. Choice of groups are as follows:

  •          Sunday morning 9 AM
  •          Sunday Noon after church
  •          Tuesday morning 10:00 AM
  •          Wednesday morning 7:30 AM will remain on zoom
  •          Wednesday noon (bring your own lunch)
  •          Wednesday evening 7:00 PM

The meetings will be held on Zoom if COVID Act Now for Miami-Dade County is still magenta, but when it becomes red, or better, the MSPC campus will open up if the group wants to gather at the church, stay on zoom, or wherever the group decides to meet. We hope these groups will encourage building relationships, having some fun, and learning new ways of kindness to show our love in Christ.

There will be a link to sign up electronically from

You can also email Marcia Cannata at or text or call to 305 733-5844. Leave a message if no answer for a callback.