Rev. Dennis Andrews

Senior Pastor

Raised in Indiana, Dennis’ life has been a series of callings to serve God’s people. Dennis is a life-long learner. He has a Master of Public Administration; a Doctoral Degree in Education, and a Master of Divinity. His vast knowledge has provided him with the opportunities to serve a diverse group of people. As an officer of the law; a mayor and advisor to numerous organizations. Dennis has helped the people of the community and the world.

In 1999, Dennis was called to the ministry. He has guided 3 congregations to keep Christ at the center of all they do, to value the tradition and embrace change in order to grow both physically and spiritually and to become true disciples of Jesus. Throughout his ministry, he straddles the secular and spiritual worlds. As he says, “We naturally want people to come to the church, but when they don’t then the church must come to them.”