Your Faith Has Made You Well!

Luke 17: 11-19

Greetings Friends,

Jesus says on numerous occasions to multiple people, “Your faith has made you well.”  

Sunday we’ll take a closer look at what Jesus means by this statement.  We’ll take a closer look at wellness, what it means, how we can achieve it and hold onto it.        

There is a pivotal relationship between faith and wellness.  The latter (our wellness) ultimately depends on the former (our faith) because wellness, even though we naturally think of it as a physical, mental, or even an emotional condition, our wellness is ultimately spiritual.

Miami Shores Presbyterian Church is a wellness center.  God works on our wellness here.  We work on our wellness here. 

Our church school is a wellness center for children who are here in the Bible every day during the week – because – as Jesus says, “We ultimately achieve wellness by faith in Him.

We have this life-giving joy-enhancing power-producing faith offered to us, given to us, provided for us that promises to make us well.   What must we do to receive the gift of wellness?

Come Sunday and worship!

Pastor Dennis