Christian Identity

What are the distinguishing characteristics of a Christian?

Acts 11: 5-18

Greetings Friends!

A simple definition of theology is faith to practice, meaning theology is the application of a person’s faith to a person’s life.  It’s not just what you think.  It’s what you do.  It’s not just what you believe.  It’s how you behave.    

This means you should be able to tell what someone believes by the way he or she behaves.

Especially during the early years of the Israelite nation, what Jewish people believed and how they lived was unique.  This is true in part because few aspects of their lives were not touched by the Torah, by traditions, customs, and rules of the Jewish faith.

The more they adhered to their beliefs, the more obvious is was that they were Jewish! 

Then came Jesus who most Christians believe lightened the yoke of religion for a softer more joyful Way in the faith. 

Sunday we’ll set out to answer several questions. “What do Christians look like today?  What are the distinguishing characteristics of a Christian?  How do we show, how do we find our identity in Christ in 2019?” 

Sunday’s message “Christian Identity” is based on the 11th chapter of Acts.  This will be the third and final sermon in a series aimed at exploring our identity in Christ……

See you Sunday!