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The Son of Man Came to Seek and to Save the Lost

Luke 19: 10 

Greetings Friends,

Sunday we’ll read in the 19th chapter of Luke’s gospel the account of Zacchaeus meeting Jesus.  Oddly enough, the story involves Zacchaeus climbing a tree. 

Jesus is passing through Jericho deliberatively, diligently making his way to the cross.  Zacchaeus doesn’t know about that, but he’s heard a lot about Jesus and (like others in the gathering crowds) he’s excited and anxious.

What happens is truly priceless!

Zacchaeus is a wealthy tax collector, a chief tax collector at that.  Tax collectors are despised because more times than not, they’re corrupt. 

So to the predisposed people of Jericho, Zacchaeus is detestable; but to Jesus, Zacchaeus is another lost child of God, a precious redeemable soul.

There’s a hopeful lesson for all of us in this story, that is, providing we’re willing to climb a tree…..

See you Sunday!

Pastor Dennis

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